Valentine & Sons Seed Company LLC

Current Program offerings
Heritage Poultry demo at your event - (up to 8 hours) - we will bring rare breeds of Heritage Poultry to your event where we will have one of our poultry keepers available to answer questions and interact with your guests. - $150.00
Basics of raising Heritage Poultry in your backyard - 1.5 hour program explaining the wonders of raising poultry in your backyard, including rearing chicks, flock management, coop design, and basic medical issues. - $175.00
Advanced Heritage Poultry flock and breeding management - 1.5 hour program covers finding stock, setting up breeding pens, incubation basics (including incubator choices), and basic genetics - $175.00
Basics of Heirloom gardening - 1.0 hour program covering planning your garden, seed starting, garden maintenance, and harvesting your crops - $200.00
Basics of seed saving - 1.0 hour program that covers the importance of saving seeds, definition of open pollination  vs. "terminator" seeds, as well as the basics of preparing and preserving your seed stock. - $200.00
All prices subject to change without notice.

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